Deep cleaning the house prior to the coming of a new baby is a terrific way to guarantee everything is clean and well ready.

A recent analysis by scientists has demonstrated that the nesting instinct is a consequence of substances forcing expectant mothers to safeguard and prepare for their new infant by being in charge of the environment . Pregnancy is an exciting moment for growing families, and since the countdown starts, get your distance prepared by checking these straightforward and significant cleaning hints.

10 top tips for preparing your home for a newborn

10 top tips for preparing your home for a newborn
Leave your shoes at the front Doorway.

With guests seeing, dirt frequently gets trodden to the home. In addition to earning a great deal of germs and germs, it also does not help with maintaining the house clean. Asking people to leave their shoes at the door will guarantee your floors are safeguarded and germs are left outdoors.

10 top tips for preparing your home for a newborn
Open the windows.

Maintaining your space well ventilated can help improve the air quality that is particularly significant with a new baby about. While your home may appear clean, the atmosphere might not feel refreshing until atmosphere from exterior has been circulating throughout it. Opening bedroom windows in the daytime can help ventilate and refreshen the distance.

10 top tips for preparing your home for a newborn
Employing a steam cleaner.

Using a thorough deep clean is a excellent way to eliminate bad germs that can not be eliminated with conventional supermarket and sprays. They also use dangerous chemicals that may damage sensitive skin, while also being harmful to breathe. Unlike routine cleansers, a steam cleaner provides profound results that you won't attain.

10 top tips for preparing your home for a newborn
Make Certain You wear gloves.

Wearing gloves when cleaning can help to shield your hands from irritation and compounds found in products. Pregnancy may cause or worsen skin that is sensitive, therefore it is important that you take more attention, especially with a baby on the way.

10 top tips for preparing your home for a newborn
Do Not move furniture.

Pregnancy hormones may soften tendons and ligaments, which makes you more vulnerable to accidents. Stay away from moving large pieces of furniture and rather ask somebody for assistance.

10 top tips for preparing your home for a newborn
Eliminate dust from the Home.

Keeping along with this dust in your house is a fantastic habit to get into. Dust and allergies proceed awry, therefore it is necessary to maintain the house as clean as you can throughout your pregnancy. A lengthier duster is going to aid you to get into these hard-to-reach corners, even though a little cloth is ideal for keeping surfaces.

10 top tips for preparing your home for a newborn
Ditch the litter tray.

Cat faeces can be harmful in a pregnancy so try to avoid doing the litter duty. Passing this task on to someone else will ensure you also don't need to crouch down, which could be uncomfortable especially in the latter stages of your pregnancy.

10 top tips for preparing your home for a newborn
Try not to Achieve high up.

Backache is not uncommon during pregnancy, therefore try to prevent anything which could place you in a position of causing further pain. Extension sticks for cleaning clogs or windows are excellent to get your hands clean and on those corners.

10 top tips for preparing your home for a newborn
Take a Look at your furniture.

Gaps in couches and chairs frequently accumulate unwanted dirt and germs. It is very good to get into a habit of cleaning from the openings to minimise dirt in the house. Utilizing a more compact vacuum cleaner can help suction out dust and grime hiding in the cracks of this couch. Best top: assess before to make certain you don't vacuum up some bigger things that could get trapped inside the pipe.

10 top tips for preparing your home for a newborn
Don't Forget to Assign.

Get family and friends that will assist you tidy up the house prepared for the birth of your baby. Delegating to other people will provide you the chance to rest, while also making sure that the tasks in your home do it.

A Practical Lifestyle Blog

A Practical Lifestyle Blog

Tips and Advice for New Parents

Tips and Advice for New Parents

Pregnancy tips, parenting tricks, simplifying motherhood

Pregnancy tips, parenting tricks, & simplifying motherhood
Get the fundamentals set up.

In fact you do not have to do a lot of around the house to ensure it is safe for the newborn infant. After all it is likely to be a long time before they are crawling around! And be certain that the baby's space is organized. Your freezer is going to be a life-saver when your baby comes. Make sure it's well stocked with yummy, home-cooked food at the same time you've got the opportunity. Prepare some casseroles or any other healthy, filling foods which it is simple to defrost, heat and consume. You will thank yourself for this following a hectic day searching after your infant!

Do not forget the car seat!

Most physicians will not release your infant if you don't have an automobile seat. So be sure that you purchase one beforehand -- which you and your spouse understand how to match it. Recall to unwind! If your mum arrives to stay, let's make a fuss of you. And abandon the sanity for her along with your spouse. An infinite stream of excited people could be overwhelming to you and your toddler, so perhaps indicate a few folks wait a week or so prior to popping around. Meanwhile, catch as much rest as possible and love getting to know your infant!

Our newest print was designed in collaboration with the talented Rebekah Steen. She is the creative genius behind the Goldfish Kiss blog, and Coco Moon is thrilled to once again be releasing a new print with her! Read this blog to learn more about Rebekah and our new design: Coconut Coast.


Have you ever wondered: "What really is a throw blanket?" Well, we have too. That's why we did our research and compiled a list of what really makes a throw blanket a throw blanket. Read on to learn about their versatility, different ways to style them, and their usefulness! 


While bringing a new baby into this world is full of unexpected surprises you can't prepare for, you are able to come prepared when bringing the right baby blanket to the hospital. We've done the research for you, and we found the best baby blanket to bring to the hospital and the reasons why!


Discover more about the best Hawaii baby clothing trends for 2021.This way you can ensure your baby looks gorgeous in these cute, comfortable, and buttery-soft outfits.


Our Under The Kai print, inspired by The Little Mermaid, takes a classic tale and gives it a unique island twist. We designed this print to represent the diversity of our Hawaiian Islands and to highlight the beautiful nature that surrounds us.


We're sharing some tips and tricks for hiking the Hawaiian Islands with your keiki! From picking family-friendly hikes to determining what to pack, we make sure you have the advice you need for a memorable day with your 'ohana.


Between the water splashing and your keiki constantly moving around, snapping some high-quality bathtime photos can be a challenge. Coco Moon has compiled a list of five bathtime photo tips so you can capture adorable bathtime photos to cherish for years to come!


We took a few moments to gather some more information about Love + Water — who they are, how they began, and what makes them so special. If you want to learn why we’re so excited for this collaboration, then make sure you keep reading!


People have always taken photos of their children but a new trend has emerged in recent years: honoring the baby milestones with a special photograph. And what better way to keep track of your baby's progress than with a milestone photo blanket.


Do you have a security blanket that you remember from your childhood? A lot of people do, but did you know there are actually many benefits associated with security blankets


Of all the things parents try to get their little ones to sleep, one of the most vital, and simple, is to ensure they have a comfortable place to sleep. One essential piece of that puzzle is choosing the right crib sheets.


We are huge fans of Lola Pilar Hawai'i and are thrilled to work on a very special collab with her! 

Kristen Reyno of Lola Pilar Hawai'i pours so much love into her pieces as she puts her unique spin on the beauty of Hawaiian Quilts. Her photography of Hawaii’s most loved fruits and flowers transports you to a lush island paradise.

We worked with her to create a beautiful frame for all of your baby's photos with two swaddle blankets perfect for those monthly milestone memories: Picture Perfect Pua and Monstera Memories. 

We chatted with this sweet and talented artist to get an inside look at her inspiration to start Lola Pilar Hawaii, her creative process, and her plans for the future...


Hi Kristen! Can you please share a little about what inspired you to create contemporary art inspired by Vintage Hawaiian Quilts?

I’ve been a professional photographer for over 15 years. I started my career shooting product photography for a surf company in Huntington Beach, California then moved back home to Hawaii to start my own photography business in 2010. I specialized in weddings, portraits, and freelancing for local Hawaii Magazines.  In 2018 I felt I needed more of a creative...

The arrival of a new baby is something to celebrate, and it’s natural to want to shower the mom with loads of gifts, especially with the holidays coming up. A new mom is going to need a lot of baby essentials to keep her and her baby safe, happy, and healthy, but where do you even begin to find the right gift? Coco Moon, of course!

At Coco Moon, we stock a variety of beautiful gifts for new moms that will be sure to delight. From accessories to give your baby the best care, to something special for mom, you can guarantee you’ll find the perfect gift right here.

Get the gift inspiration you need with the only present new moms really want these holidays.


Not just your ordinary swaddle

Special cuddles deserve a special swaddle, and our beautiful Plumeria Swaddle is certainly up to the job! Made from 100% rayon made from bamboo & cotton, our signature inspired island baby swaddles are wonderfully soft, getting softer after each wash. 

A Coco Moon swaddle is the perfect gift to combine the feeling of luxury with functionality.


Baby’s first quilt

A soft muslin quilt makes the ideal gift for the holidays. Our ‘Ulu Nani Quilt is the perfect Christmas keepsake, is supremely soft,...

As a sleep deprived new mom, I remember trying so many different things to get my boys to sleep better and longer. Some things worked fantastically – like swaddling! – but others, not so much – like sleep training. I 100% failed at that! While learning through trial and error is a huge part of parenting, it no longer has to be for getting your baby to sleep. 

We are thrilled to introduce Nicole Johnson, the lead Sleep Consultant and owner of The Baby Sleep Site ® who shares her expertise with our Cocommunity. Today’s blog is a gift to all new parents who are looking for some practical advice around helping their baby sleep soundly. 

Introducing Nicole Johnson -
Lead Sleep Consultant & Owner of The Baby Sleep SiteⓇ

 Hi Nicole! I’m so excited to be featuring someone with your experience on the subject of baby sleeping in our blog. I know our readers will soak in every bit of advice you have to offer!

Question: Could you tell us a little about The Baby Sleep SiteⓇ? 

Answer: The Baby Sleep Site® was founded in 2008 as a website to learn more about your baby’s sleep, toddler sleep, feeding and sleep schedules, sleep coaching, baby temperament, and more. There is no...

The holiday countdown is officially underway, along with the stress of Christmas shopping to hurriedly cross names off our list. But—fear not, busy mamas! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite ideas for all your gifting needs. Unwrap our best ideas for all the lovely ladies and babies in your life this holiday season!


Giving Tuesday is upon us and I can’t believe it has been two years since we first launched our 1% for Hawaii program. And this year, we wanted to pour a little extra love into the spirit of this day by donating some of our blankets to families in need.
The Hawaii Diaper Bank and Ronald McDonald House Hawaii were the recipients of our donations this Giving Tuesday, receiving a total of 180 of our swaddle blankets.


The time-honored tradition of Hawaiian quilt making has deep roots here in Hawaiʻi, as treasured family heirlooms. Whether you grew up with one in your ʻohana or admired them from afar, these keepsakes are a recognizable art form mastered by few but appreciated by all. With the help of master quilter Patricia Lei-Murray, our dream of creating a modern Hawaiian quilt for growing families has finally been realized.


Preparing yourself for labor is a challenge in and of itself. You want to know what to expect, but also know to expect the unexpected. So we tapped in to our Coco Moon community to see what tips our mamas could share about the exciting, but often daunting task, of preparing for labor.


Oh the hospital bag. What to pack? What not to pack? How soon to pack? No matter what side of the spectrum you’re on, we’ve got you covered thanks to our wonderful community of Coco Moon mamas. We gathered their insights and put together a list of essentials and bonus items that you can refer to as you pack that handy dandy hospital bag. 


After multiple web searches, we couldn’t find much information on Hawaii’s hospitals and the experiences of giving birth in our local facilities. So we set out to create the first comprehensive guide to giving birth in Hawaii’s hospitals.

We spoke with 11 hospitals across the state and about 20 mamas to get information on policy and procedure as well as tips shared by mamas who have recently given birth in those hospitals. Whether you are located on Oahu or a neighbor island, we hope that this guide is useful to you and helps to ease some of the anxiety associated with the "unknown" of what it will be like at your local hospital. 


For a lot of new parents, bathing your newborn can be one of the more intimidating aspects of their care. Even experienced Pediatrician Anik Huffman Cockroft felt a little nervous about bath time when she brought her little one home: “Although I’d welcomed many new miracles into the world and handled them with aloha on a daily basis, there’s a whole new humility when you’re the parent (and my street cred with you guys went up too). It’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed about bath time. However, it can transform into a magical time of the day that you and your little one anticipate with delight.”


In the final piece of our home birth blog series, we interviewed three mamas who gave birth at home. Below are their insights, their birth stories, and words of encouragement for any one who dreams of having their baby at home.  


In part 2 of our home birth series, we dig in to the details of what to do to really get ready to have your baby at home. 

Read on as, Le'a Minton, Board President of Midwives Alliance of Hawaii, walks us through how to prepare for your home birth. 


The first step in planning for a home birth is often to choose a midwife. But knowing how to choose the right midwife for you may seem a bit daunting. So to help, we put together this guide along with our friends at Breastfeeding Hawaii.  

Below, we'll walk you through what to know, questions to ask, and things to be aware of as you prepare to welcome your little in to the world. 


"If I had to choose one word to sum up why I love Family Hui Hawaii, it would be connection. In a world where everything has become distant and impersonal, parenting is not immune. The curriculum is fantastic and very much needed, but the connection is what makes this program invaluable.  I learned a lot, but I also gained friends and community I was desperately searching for. This program is unique to all of my other resources because not only was I provided reading material but also the opportunity to connect, in person, with other parents going through the same trials at almost the same time. That made so much of a difference in my experience. We learned, laughed, admitted our mistakes, asked for advice and experienced the ups and downs together."


Congratulations on making it through the first month with your new baby! As you move into months 1 - 3 of your breastfeeding journey, you may find renewed concerns or questions about milk supply, feeding with a bottle, or returning to work or school.

This post is the second in our breastfeeding series and in it, we address common questions the consultants at Breastfeeding Hawaii are asked about what to expect during months 1 - 3.


"Breastfeeding can feel natural, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Labor is natural and we accept that it can be work. New mamas can be kind to themselves by giving themselves permission to ask for help early and often from their hui, community resources and specialists, like International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, if needed. Support is one of the most important things a mom can get while in the early stages of their breastfeeding journey."


Kapi'olani has been changing the lives of Hawaii families for more than a hundred years. That’s why I’m excited to announce that in celebration of our 5-year anniversary, we will donate our 1% for Hawaii proceeds to the Kapi'olani Medical Center’s NICU all year long. With your support, a portion of every Coco Moon Hawaii sale will go to toward life-saving care for Hawaii’s next generation and their families.


Our newest collaboration with Kimié Miner and Haku Collective brings the classic lullaby "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" to life in both the English and Hawaiian languages. Join us as we talk story with Kimié, as she sheds lightwhat goes in to making a Hawaiian language album, and updates us on what’s coming next (hint: there’s a part 2 album on it’s way!).


Reflecting back to those early days as a new mom, I remember a lot of happiness, but also a lot of tears. If I could go back and give my new mom self some advice, here is what I would say...


“Christmas is a time for families to gather in love and hope, so I wanted this lei to embody that feeling of aloha that we share here in Hawaiʻi,” she explained. To bring her vision to life, Patricia gathered flowers and ferns to haku (weave) a lei of her own which became the inspiration for the lei depicted on the quilt. Using the same detailed stitching design that we used in our Ulu Nani print, she decided to lay the lei atop the stitching design utilizing some of her favorite blooms. From ʻawapuhi (ginger) and bougainvillea to hibiscus and palapalai, each floral detail is reminiscent of lei poʻo (flower crowns) often woven here in the islands...


Breastfeeding is a journey for mothers, and one that the majority of mothers find extremely rewarding. Breastfeeding is the optimal food for our babies through the first 6 months of life, and continues to play an important nutritional role for our children as they grow to two years and beyond. We celebrate all mothers who have breastfed, are breastfeeding or are planning to breastfeed, no matter the duration - you have provided human milk to your child which positively impacts your relationship together and their health long term.


Both of my boys loved getting to eat solids when they were babies, but I definitely felt a little unsure about how to continue breastfeeding while introducing something new to the kids...especially when it seemed they loved eating solids way more than breastfeeding! 

In this post, Breastfeeding Hawaii helps to walk us through some of the common questions and concerns that a lot of moms face as they enter this new phase. 


Jana Lam was the first artist that we collaborated with almost four years ago! The Golden Hibiscus collection is our 5th collaboration print with Jana Lam and this one just might be my favorite. Coincidentally, yellow is both my and Jana's favorite color. 


We know, things feel crazy right now! But we talked to some amazing rock star, small business owning moms about their tips for getting things done when you and the kids are working from home. Hang in there mamas!


What to know about changes to Hawaii hospital policies surrounding labor and delivery amid the COVID-19  crisis.


When Coco Moon mom Sheryl gave birth to her son, Boogie, she found that some of her friends and family weren’t sure what to say. Boogie is one of 6,000 babies in the US born every year with Down Syndrome, and rather than hearing “Congratulations! and “Welcome to the world!”, Sheryl heard messages of sympathy and regret.  

Today on World Down Syndrome Day, we want to celebrate families who have children with Down Syndrome by sharing Sheryl’s experience and tips for making new parents feel welcomed and supported. 



How many clothes do I need for my baby? What are the different varieties and sizes of baby clothes that I should keep on hand? Which sizes of baby clothing do I need for my newborn?
I have been asked these questions many times from parent’s in our  Coco Moon Hawaii community so I just knew it was time to write an article about it to share my knowledge with you. 

It’s so common for first-time parents to have these questions, especially as the due date for your new baby gets closer.

To all of our readers and soon-to-be mommies and daddies, I would like to say that you’re in great company; we all have the same questions! This article is going to give you the answers you’re looking for. I’ll highlight a few basic tips that will remove the guesswork on sizes and quantity. So sit back, grab your Kona-coffee and keep reading!

Baby clothes - what to keep in mind

Let’s begin with some helpful tips. 

When buying clothes for newborn there are a few things that you should keep in mind:

  1. The fabric should be soft, comfortable, and breathable. Baby skin is highly sensitive, and cheap, harsh fabric can be too rough on babies skin.
  2. Babies can easily overheat, so dress them for the...

Remember the first time you watched as the nurses in the hospital wrapped your newborn baby? I do! My son was wrapped so neatly in a blanket like a bundle (I wonder if that’s how the term ‘bundle of joy’ came about!).

Back from the hospital, I had such a hard time getting my son to sleep, and no matter how much I persisted, I could not wrap him up in the same way that the hospital had, all snug and warm.

For our frequent readers, you will know it was my sister in law that came to my rescue showing me how to swaddle (or wrap) my baby. I call her the swaddle ninja and teaching me how to swaddle was the best gift she could have given me. 

In my journey as founder of  Coco Moon Hawaii, and as a mother, I have dedicated many hours of research on baby wraps and learned that wrapping a baby has numerous benefits, and that experts recommend it to parents at least until your baby is two to three months old. 

To wrap a newborn requires the right knowledge of the techniques, which I’m going to share in this blog. But first, I’ll help you understand the benefits of wrapping your baby well. 


What are the benefits of wrapping a newborn?

Wrapping a newborn baby in a wrap, or swaddle, helps...

Can swaddling my baby help them sleep? We get this question from our Coco Moon Hawaii  community all the time and the answer is a resounding, yes! 

I actually had no idea what swaddling was until my sister-in-law gave me the best gift ever when she taught me how to swaddle shortly after my son was born. At the time, I had no idea why or how it worked, but I was just relieved that my son finally stopped fussing! 

But now that we do know why swaddling is so awesome, we wanted to share some of that info with you. 

As new parents begin to experience sleep disturbance, and sleeping advice from your Auntie’s, cousins, and friends hasn’t worked (very common), parents take to Google searching for the perfect remedy to help their bundle of joy sleep soundly (I know I did!). They soon come across information about swaddling.

We know there are different opinions about swaddling, so in this article I’m going to provide lots of information about swaddling from a health perspective, to give you some useful facts around why swaddling your baby can be so helpful (for your baby, and you!)

What is Swaddling?

By definition, swaddling means wrapping the baby in a soft blanket or cloth, with only...

Can I surf while pregnant? 

It’s strange how something so second-nature to us can pose so many questions during our pregnancy. I grew up surfing, but once I found out I was pregnant, I wasn’t sure if I could, or even should, keep surfing. And if I could, how long could I keep surfing? Luckily, seeing expectant mamas ripping far into their pregnancies wasn’t so rare a sight in Hawaii, so I knew that there were many women before me proving that it’s totally possible to keep surfing with baby on the way.

Since we have so many water women in our Cocommmunity, we decided to ask them for their tips and tricks for how they kept surfing safely with baby on board. I wish I had these pointers when I was first experimenting with surfing with a baby bump! So if you're in that phase now, I hope you find this blog helpful and remember, trust your instincts, your body and be safe!

Adjust your position

Obviously, once the bump starts to kick in that’s where the logistics seem to get a little fuzzy. We looked to other mamas out there to let us know what worked for them. Paddling on your knees will take that pressure off your precious belly, but oh man your knees! Another suggestion was putting...

When I was little, I carried an old blanket with me everywhere. I wouldn’t let anyone touch it or wash it (much to my mother’s disgust!). The blanket was my safety net. I still remember the sense of warmth and security it gave me.

Many of you will have your own security blanket stories, or your parent’s will if you don’t remember.

However, now after becoming a mother yourself, are you conflicted about your own child having a security blanket? Maybe you’ve read all the pro’s and con’s, wondering if you should be encouraging or discouraging the use of a security blanket?

Over the years I’ve come across many parents who share their concerns with me about introducing a baby security blanket to their little one. They fear that their child will become too attached to it. Will a security blanket instill a false sense of security and hamper their child’s natural mental and behavioral development?

While there are differing opinions within the Coco Moon Hawaii parenting community, I am here to assure you that a security blanket is good for your baby. It’s not just my own personal opinion, I’m here to share some facts with you. So, without further delay, let’s take a peek at some facts...

I jokingly call Coco Moon my third baby, so hitting our five-year anniversary is a big deal for us…I guess you could say I’m one proud mama! And as us mamas do, I’m feeling quite sentimental as we hit 5 years. What started as a simple idea for an island inspired baby blanket has grown into so much more - an amazing Cocomunity and way for us to give back to our community. I invite you to take a trip down memory lane with me as I recount my top 5 memories from the past 5 years...


Surrounded by palm trees, we've been wanting to showcase them on a print for a while now. And then when we came across Jenn Ellenburg's photography, we knew we had found "the one." Read our interview with this talented photographer as we prepare to release our collaboration print: Palm Party.